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Half year financing of over 700 million yuan! Unmanned convoy driving into the mine, will the mining truck drivers be collectively laid off?.

Source: @ Chief Intelligence Officer. Hello everyone, we are the Chief Intelligence Officer that digital leaders are all watching. Follow me and tell you a business case every day. Today we are going to talk to you about: What stage has China's unmanned mining vehicl...


【 Focus 】 Piezoelectric nanoprobes are mainly used in analytical instruments, and China's self-developed strength is expected to further improve.

With the continuous advancement of scientific instrument development technology, China is now able to independently develop and produce piezoelectric nanoprobes. The piezoelectric nanoprobe platform is designed to measure nanoscale physical properties and perform nanos...


Monitoring of liquid level fluctuations in LNG storage tanks for natural gas heavy-duty trucks.

Natural gas heavy-duty trucks are gas fueled heavy-duty vehicles that use natural gas as fuel (CNG stands for compressed natural gas; LNG stands for liquefied natural gas). According to the different fuel usage conditions, it can be divided into single fuel natural gas ...


China Resources dominates Changdian Technology, how can Shuangxiong rejuvenate?.

On March 20th, Changdian Technology announced a suspension of trading. The reason is that we have received notifications from the company's shareholders, National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund Co., Ltd. and Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., that they are...

By ofweek

The semi annual report on the recovery of exports and an alternative strategy for Chinese home appliance brands to go global.

Editor's note:. When "uncertainty" becomes the norm, how should companies in the midst of it respond? Do you have some magic of certainty?. Looking back over the past two decades, the Internet wave has made thousands of industries take off. On the one hand, the Intern...

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