China market is huge with 1.3 billion population and 230M middle class. It is a market that one may pros or cons, but never to be ignored.

Learn the market:

We provide "knowledge base" to help you get quick learn the China market including the culture, regulation, policy, geography, business environment, etc.

Find the market opportunity:

We provide Industry knowledge to help you learn the condition and trend of specific market. The knowledge would be a reliable reference for your future decision to enter into the local market.

Find the partnership:

We provide information of major players in specific market. The detail information will help you to mark most potential partners in local market regarding their operation, financial capability and specific competition advantage.

Find the investor:

We provide information of major industrial investors in specific market. The information including the historic investment activities, investors financial capability and strategy direction. These informations will expand your knowledge of potential industrial investors and give the reference to make decision when you plan to bring in new investors for your company.

Find the client and supplier:

We provide information of major players in ard 20 general industries and 100 sub industries in china. This structured mapping will quickly give you precise knowledge of potential clients and suppliers. The information of these clients and suppliers are mostly certified by authorities and auditors, including the financial performance, future strategy, and unique competition advantage.

Enter the activities and events:

The influential events and activities will be disclosed to give you most updated information, Including expo, peak forum, startups competition, industry tour, seminar and other.

Learn the competitor:

We provide information of major players in ard 20 general industries and 100 sub industries in china. This highly diversified categories will bring you competition knowledge of specific industries. The Major players will be disclosed and compared in all aspects including the financial performance, operation status, unique advantage, strategy direction, etc.