Market Due Diligence

China market is huge, but translucent. How to get credible info to know the strength of your counter negotiator? How to know if the timing is good to enter into specific market?

Our solution.

We offer the local leading players lists it around 70 competition market. 40 around types of data disclosing of these companies are certified and audited by the chartered firms and authorities.

We offer the industry insights and index in more than 70 competition market. The full stack of data will help you understand what happening in the market and what will happen after then.

Market Penetration

Why people shake hands and disappear? 14.y the bidding is so hard on the market?

Why the local competitor can offer a shocking lower price? Why the market cap is so large but still a spoon of business is unattainable?

Our solution.

Is knowledge center. we provide essential information from custom. business strategy. regulation. policy to business case sharing. These information will help you to learn how to adapt the culture and making your successful local business strategy.

In our database. We provide different dimension 5 stipend you recognize the players who dominate/manipulate the market; or who making rules and standard of the market. These players can either be your potential competitors deter you on the market or partners support you penetrate the market.

Investor sourcing

Has to find the strategic investors who can bring not only investment but also resource to leverage the business? Hunts approach them? If they are the active investor has full experience in investment?

Our solution.

We offer around 1000 strategic investors in different industries. Their financial capability and history investment record are well presented. Also. their investment strategy are disclosed give you further knowledge to make choice.All the investors connection are provided.

Is our knowledge center you will learn how to approach the investors. how to get through the application of the government. what the investors generally interested. and how long it takes to accomplish a possible investment.

Business Developing

How to launch the business in china? Who will be your potential clients and who will be your potential suppliers?

Our solution.

In our knowledge center. you will learn how to launch a business in china Such as the proper location to set office. how to recruit people. the tax rate of different business. the policy to encourage or deter international players. application to establish a corporation in local

By searching our database. you will quickly find potential clients and suppliers with vertical insights of their operation. And you will have their connection.

Partnership building

When you are trying to enter into the china market, it always a problem to set a proper strategy.

If distribution relationship or JV partnership is strong to penetrate the market? What a local partner can bring and what they want most for return? Who will be the best potential partner to guild the business?

Our solution.

I our knowledge center, we provide the suggestion how to establish a partnership with local players and answer the question what benefit you can get from a successful partnership.

In our database, you will easily find out who will be your best potential partner, who have the unique capability in the market and who holds an open attitude for collaboration.