Revenue : 000,000 M USD
Finance : 000,000 M USD
Earning Cap : 000,000 M USD
Invest : 000,000 M USD
R & D : 0000 People
Growth : 00% AGR



General Introduction Jiangsu Boxin Investment Holding Co., Ltd. was established in May 1993 and listed on the A-share main board in 1997, with the stock code 600083. SH. Through a forward-looking strategic layout, we have successfully transformed into a practitioner focused on the research and application of this emerging technology in the field of artificial intelligence in 2017. Committed to the Internet of Things and 5G era, becoming an industry leader in deep cultivation of artificial intelligence and big data applications. With artificial intelligence and big data technology as the core, and vertical field applications as the engine, we achieve a business strategy of "technology research and development+data operation+application scenarios".
Headquarter Suzhou
Establish Date 5/8/1993
Listed Code 600083.SH
Listed Date 6/6/1997
Chairman Wang Wei.
CEO Li Xinyong.

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