Revenue : 000,000 M USD
Finance : 000,000 M USD
Earning Cap : 000,000 M USD
Invest : 000,000 M USD
R & D : 0000 People
Growth : 00% AGR



General Introduction Baosheng Technology Innovation Co., Ltd. is a listed company under China Aviation Industry Group Corporation. It was listed on the A-share market of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in August 2004. The securities are abbreviated as "Baosheng Shares" and the securities code is "600973". It is a state-owned large holding enterprise in China's wire and cable industry and has one of the top 10 global cable industry competitiveness. Baosheng Group adheres to continuous technological innovation to continuously create value for customers. The company has established a three-level technological innovation system consisting of a technical committee, a technical center, and a product research and development department. It has innovation platforms such as a nationally recognized enterprise technology center, a postdoctoral research workstation, a national high-voltage power cable engineering center, a Jiangsu Provincial Wire and Cable Engineering Technology Research Center, and a Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory for Special Cable Materials and Reliability Research, Dedicated to the research and development of high-end equipment, special cables and systems for aerospace, nuclear power, marine engineering, rail transit, intelligent equipment, digital communication, new energy, and superconductivity, as well as engineering services. The company has participated in drafting 87 national and industry standards, possesses hundreds of industry-leading production equipment (sets), and 248 industry-leading patent technologies, including the manufacturing technology of long mineral insulated cables, low-temperature superconductivity, third-generation AP1000 nuclear power plant cables, and aviation cable EWIS design, which are leading domestically. Baosheng Co., Ltd. has a professional, serialized, large-scale, and complete product group, capable of producing various series of wire and cable, conductor, and polymer material products with 1000 varieties, over 100000 models, and nearly ten million specifications. The voltage levels cover low voltage, medium voltage, high voltage, and ultra-high voltage, covering various fields of wire and cable applications. We have built a comprehensive project design, product design, product manufacturing, and product installation system The system integration capability that integrates project operation and maintenance can provide electrical engineering design and installation, intelligent equipment, EPC project general contracting services for photovoltaic power station construction, as well as electrical energy and intelligent system solutions. AVIC Baosheng Ocean Engineering Cable Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of AVIC Baosheng, has built a tower production line of up to 201.68 meters, a single submarine cable factory of 180000 square meters, and a 50000 ton dock. It has international advanced production and testing equipment and intelligent management systems, as well as advanced and unique processes and large-length submarine cable manufacturing technology. It can provide customers with submarine cables, submarine optical cables, fiber composite cables, submarine special cables, and umbilical cables, as well as engineering design, manufacturing, installation Systematized, systematic, and integrated solutions for services. Baosheng Group has divided the national territory into 9 large areas, with 61 overseas marketing companies, 6 special project departments, and integrated the industrial chain value chain. It has established more than ten subsidiaries in Shanghai, Shandong, Guangdong, Sichuan, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Guizhou, Jiangsu, Yangzhou, Changzhou, and other places to carry out national industrial layout and build a multi-channel, multi-level, and multi-dimensional three-dimensional marketing network. At the same time, relying on the construction of the "the Belt and Road", the enterprise also actively carries out overseas distribution, drives the international talent gathering through overseas industry gathering, and promotes "China's Baosheng" to "the world's Baosheng". Baosheng's products cover all provinces, cities, autonomous regions, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in China, and are exported to more than 40 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Australia, South America, etc., and have been successively applied to the Olympic Bird's Nest, Beijing Winter Olympics, Shanghai World Expo, Hangzhou G20, Shanghai center, Beijing Daxing International Airport, Pudong Airport and the Three Gorges Project, Qinghai Tibet Railway, Shanghai Maglev, Shanghai Metro, Ling'ao Nuclear Power Station, Tianwan Nuclear Power Station and CSCEC, China Railway Major engineering and projects such as China National Energy Corporation, as well as a large number of high-end equipment fields such as aerospace, nuclear power, ocean engineering, ships, superconductivity, intelligent equipment, and high-speed railway locomotives, have made important contributions to breaking through the monopoly of foreign multinational corporations and achieving localization in China's key development areas with special cables and materials. Looking forward to the future, Baosheng Group will closely focus on the development goal of "100 billion yuan group, 100 year Baosheng" proposed by the group, further implement the five development strategies of "internationalization, high-end, specialization, informatization, and service-oriented", vigorously forge competitiveness with technology, market, talent, brand, and capital as the core, focus on promoting the transformation to blue ocean market, system integration, intelligent manufacturing, and industry leaders, and strive to create innovative Baosheng, digital intelligent Baosheng Value Baosheng, International Baosheng, Vitality Baosheng, and Excellence Baosheng will accelerate the construction of a "world-class, industry-leading" enterprise with international competitiveness.
Headquarter Yangzhou City
Establish Date 6/30/2000
Listed Code 600973.SH
Listed Date 8/2/2004
Chairman Growth Mountain.
CEO Shao Wenlin.

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