Revenue : 000,000 M USD
Finance : 000,000 M USD
Earning Cap : 000,000 M USD
Invest : 000,000 M USD
R & D : 0000 People
Growth : 00% AGR



General Introduction Anhui Guofeng New Materials Co., Ltd. was established on September 23, 1998, and was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on November 19 of the same year under the stock code 000859. Anhui Guofeng New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guofeng New Materials" or "Company") is the only state-owned listed industrial manufacturing enterprise in Hefei. It was established on September 23, 1998 and was listed on the main board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in the same year, with stock code 000859. The company's headquarters is located at 1000 Mingchuan Road, National High tech Zone, Hefei, China (Anhui) Pilot Free Trade Zone. Since its establishment, the company has deeply focused on functional polymer film materials such as biaxially oriented polypropylene film, biaxially oriented polyester film, pre coated film, polyimide film, etc., integrating research and development, procurement, production, and sales into a complete system. The company currently has 6 film factories, 2 subsidiaries, and 5 subsidiaries. It is one of the most influential and competitive enterprises in the field of advanced functional polymer membrane materials in China, with product quality ranking first in China and even Asia, and selling well worldwide. Guofeng New Materials is a national high-tech enterprise, and the enterprise technology center has been recognized as the national enterprise technology center. Currently, we have 317 valid patents, including 87 invention patents. In recent years, it has won 5 Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Awards; Obtained 2 national key new production orders, 2 industrial boutiques in Anhui Province, 78 new products (high-tech products) in Anhui Province, and "polyimide film" was recognized as the first batch of new materials in Anhui Province. Led the development of 4 national standards, 7 industry standards, and 2 group standards, and successively passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification, QS production license, and ISO/TS16949 quality management system certification, obtaining a pass to explore the international market. Entering a new era, the company actively embraces the world's new industrial revolution, based on a new stage of development, implements new development concepts, integrates into the new development pattern, closely aligns with the development of the new industry of "core screen automotive integration" and "urgent lifelong intelligence" in the country, Anhui Province, and Hefei City. At the same time, we work together with universities such as China University of Science and Technology and Harbin Institute of Technology to build joint laboratories, focusing on screen display, integrated circuits, 5G communication, PI slurry, photoresist, TPI, flexible circuit boards We will carry out technological research and investment layout for cutting-edge new materials such as thermal conductive materials with graphene structure, and strive to accelerate the transformation of enterprises into strategic new material industries, contributing to the development of a new frontier in Hefei with a national spirit.
Headquarter Hefei
Establish Date 9/23/1998
Listed Code 000859.SZ
Listed Date 11/19/1998
Chairman Zhu Yibin.
CEO Zhangjia'an.

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