Revenue : 000,000 M USD
Finance : 000,000 M USD
Earning Cap : 000,000 M USD
Invest : 000,000 M USD
R & D : 0000 People
Growth : 00% AGR



General Introduction Anhui Provincial Transportation Construction Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Transportation Construction Co., Ltd. stock code: 603815) was established in 1969, formerly known as Anhui Provincial Highway Engineering Company, which was previously under the jurisdiction of the Anhui Provincial Department of Transportation. For decades, the company has been striving for excellence and has always stood at the forefront of development as a practitioner. To this day, it has obtained multiple qualifications such as the National Highway Construction General Contracting Special Grade, the Municipal Public Works and Building Engineering Construction General Contracting First Grade, the Professional Contracting First Grade for Roadbed, Pavement, Tunnel, Bridge, Transportation Engineering, Environmental Protection Engineering, and the Highway Industry Design First Grade, and the Engineering Design Highway Industry Professional First Grade, And it was listed on the A-share main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange on October 21, 2019. The company has a solid management foundation, complete internal control, and formed a standardized corporate governance structure, with strong high-quality and sustainable development capabilities. The company has professional subsidiaries such as Anhui Lutong Highway Engineering Testing Co., Ltd., Anhui Jiaojian Xingyuan Pavement Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Transportation Survey and Design Co., Ltd., and Xiangyuan Construction Co., Ltd. We currently have over 1400 employees and a total asset value of nearly 8 billion yuan. In terms of technological innovation, Anhui Jiaojian has led the preparation of multiple industry standards and local standards, and has won multiple national, ministerial, and provincial-level construction methods, as well as multiple patent authorizations. At the same time, it was approved to establish a provincial-level enterprise technology research and development center. In terms of creating excellence and winning the Cup, the company has won multiple awards such as the "China Construction Engineering Luban Award", "China Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou Award", "Li Chun Award", "National Municipal Golden Cup Demonstration Project Award", "National High Quality Engineering Award", "National Excellent Construction Enterprise", "National Science and Technology Leading Enterprise", "National Implementation of Excellent Performance Model Enterprise", and "National Integrity Model Enterprise for Engineering Construction" The highest honor in the country and industry, such as "Top 200 Growth Enterprises in China's Construction Industry". The company has successively participated in the He'ning Expressway, Anjing Expressway, Heliu Ye Expressway, Yueqian Expressway, He'ning Expansion, Ma'anshan Yangtze River Highway Bridge, Huangqi Expressway, Saturday Expressway, Ningji Expressway, Jiqi Expressway, Tongling Yangtze River Highway and Railway Bridge of Hefu Railway, Beiyanjiang Expressway, Guangdong Guangdong Jiangxi, Nanchang South Expressway, Shanghai section of Shanghai Hangzhou Expressway, Inner Mongolia Linhe Transit Line, Guanghe Expressway, Zhejiang Huangqu South, Hebei Chengchao, Jiangxi Yingrui The construction of key highway projects within and outside the province, such as the Sanmenxia Xichuan Expressway, has created the brand and reputation of Anhui Jiaojian and made positive contributions to the development of national transportation. In recent years, the company has kept up with the times and actively participated in municipal engineering construction. It has successively undertaken multiple key municipal infrastructure projects such as Yuxi Road Elevated, Baohe Avenue Elevated, Fuyang North Road Elevated, Binhu New Area Huanhu North Road, Nanning Road, Xinanjiang Road, Jinxiu Avenue, Changjiang West Road, Fangxing Avenue, Huaining Road Underpass Swan Lake Tunnel, Xingye Avenue, Yungu Road, Baogong Avenue, Dalian Road, Susong Road, and has successfully completed construction tasks, Highly recognized by the government, industry, and customers. While strengthening its traditional main business, Anhui Jiaojian has taken the initiative to transform and expand its business sectors in line with the national development situation. Since 2003, the company has successively undertaken the construction of the Anhui Yincha Road BT project, the Wuhezhuang River Comprehensive Renovation project, the Susong Zhenxing Avenue PPP project, and the Funan Urban Integrated EPC project; In order to actively respond to the national rural revitalization strategy, the company has invested in regional key investment projects such as the Qiaocheng District PPP project in Bozhou City and the Beautiful Rural PPP project in Jieshou City, laying a solid foundation for the expansion of PPP and EPC businesses, and making positive contributions to the construction of local rural infrastructure and the improvement of rural living environment. In 2020, the company successively won the bid for the Hefei Rail Transit Line 2, Line 7, and Hefei Xinqiao Airport Line S1 projects, successfully entering the new field of urban rail transit and further improving its business structure. Since its listing, the company has been facing a new era and pattern, leveraging the power of the capital market to continuously improve and optimize its equity structure and enhance its investment and operation capabilities through standardized operations, issuance of non-public stocks, and mergers and acquisitions. In recent years, the significant increase in net assets has made investors optimistic about the long-term development of Jiaojian Shares. The company will also continue to pursue the strategic goal of "dual wheel drive and dual start" of industry and capital, leveraging the advantages of the capital market to find a new path of high-quality and sustainable development.On the new journey towards the second century of striving to fully build a socialist modernized power, Anhui Jiaojian will closely focus on the development concept of "safety, quality, reputation, efficiency, and efficiency", adhere to the business goal of "creating high-quality projects and casting a century old enterprise", and actively participate in the wave of economic and social development such as rural revitalization and new infrastructure while expanding and strengthening traditional main businesses, Efforts will be made to build an integrated industrial chain of "investment, design, construction, and operation", efficiently implement the goals and requirements of the Party and the state to accelerate infrastructure layout and build a strong transportation country, and promote enterprises to reach a new peak in industry development!.
Headquarter Hefei
Establish Date 2/23/1993
Listed Code 603815.SH
Listed Date 10/21/2019
Chairman Hu Xiankuan.
CEO Wu Xiaohui.

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