Revenue : 000,000 M USD
Finance : 000,000 M USD
Earning Cap : 000,000 M USD
Invest : 000,000 M USD
R & D : 0000 People
Growth : 00% AGR



General Introduction Anhui Fengyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a listed company in the pharmaceutical sector of Fengyuan Group. It is the first pharmaceutical listed company in Anhui Province, integrating pharmaceutical research and development, production, and sales. It is a high-tech enterprise, a nationally recognized enterprise technology center, and one of the top 100 enterprises in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry. There are 53 production lines that have passed the GMP certification. The products cover five major fields, namely, biopharmaceutics, chemical pharmaceuticals, traditional Chinese patent medicines and simple preparations, Chinese herbal pieces, and bulk drugs, covering seven major categories, including antipyretic and analgesic, women and children, nervous system, cardiovascular system, urinary system, nutrition, and antibiotics, with more than 10 dosage forms and more than 300 varieties. There are many new drug varieties of Class I and II and many independent intellectual property rights of products. There are nearly 500 chain pharmacies in the province. The company's main business mainly includes four major sectors: pharmaceutical preparations, raw materials, healthcare, and commercial logistics. While focusing on chemical preparations, the pharmaceutical preparations sector actively cooperates with various key scientific research institutions and universities to develop new generation of innovative biological drugs and actively transform and develop towards biological preparations. In terms of raw materials, through upgrading production equipment and investing in high-tech, we aim to increase the market share of products such as paracetamol, cefpirome, ceftriaxone, cefminox, and DC series raw materials. We also have multiple reserve projects for raw materials and aim to become an advanced raw material production base in China. In the field of health and healthcare, we will accelerate the implementation of the Fengyuan Pharmacy Thousand Store Plan, establish an ecological drug retail service platform that integrates physical pharmacies and pharmaceutical e-commerce, continue to promote the integration of medical care and elderly care through mergers, acquisitions, and other means, and actively implement hospital merger and acquisition cooperation projects. The commercial logistics business will establish drug distribution branches in various cities within Anhui Province, establish a complete drug distribution network, and make Fengyuan Pharmaceutical's commercial logistics sector a leading force for regional drug distribution enterprises within the province.
Headquarter Wuhu
Establish Date 8/30/1997
Listed Code 000153.SZ
Listed Date 9/20/2000
Chairman He Hongman.
CEO Ru Tianle.

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