Revenue : 000,000 M USD
Finance : 000,000 M USD
Earning Cap : 000,000 M USD
Invest : 000,000 M USD
R & D : 0000 People
Growth : 00% AGR



General Introduction Anhui Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. is a large modern construction enterprise group under the jurisdiction of Anhui Province, a globally renowned multinational contractor. For more than 10 consecutive years, it has been listed as one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises, one of the top 250 ENR global contractors, and one of the top 80 Chinese contractors. The group went public as a whole in 2017 (stock code 600502), mainly engaged in construction engineering and engineering technology services, investment and asset management, real estate development and operation. Its business covers the entire construction industry chain, including investment and financing, consulting and design, construction construction, testing and supervision, mechanical manufacturing, building materials logistics, operation management, education and training, and has 9 special level qualifications for general contracting in construction, highway, municipal, port and waterway, and 11 design grade A qualifications Two comprehensive Grade A testing qualifications for highway engineering, over 150 general and professional contracting qualifications, including more than 90 first level or above qualifications, as well as qualifications for overseas contracting projects, labor operation rights, and implementation of complete foreign aid project construction tasks. The group currently has national postdoctoral research workstations, national technology centers, 12 provincial-level technology centers, and 13 high-tech enterprises. In recent years, the group has firmly implemented the new development concept, adhered to the main line of reform, transformation, and development, and promoted high-quality development. By leveraging its financial strength and industrial integration capabilities, we have vigorously promoted the "integration of investment, financing, construction, and operation" model. We have taken the lead in establishing industrial investment funds with financial institutions in the province, and implemented a large number of water conservancy, energy, transportation, environmental protection, and urban infrastructure projects. Our profitability and brand influence have reached a new level. Implement the national green construction strategy, vigorously develop prefabricated buildings, and have a provincial-level key laboratory for green buildings and prefabricated construction. It has taken the lead in building a national prefabricated building industry base in Anhui Province. Currently, it has achieved the joint development of multiple bases such as Hefei, Bengbu, Wuhu, and Tongling, creating a leading enterprise in the entire industrial chain of prefabricated buildings that integrates design, production, and construction. We will vigorously develop financial services around the industrial chain, forming a coordinated industrial chain financial operation system that includes small loans, commercial factoring, capital management, funds, and pawnshops. By leveraging the advantages of the industrial chain and following the differentiated development approach, we actively create new era real estate businesses such as shantytown renovation, integrated medical care, integrated elderly care, tourism and leisure, characteristic towns, long-term housing leasing, and property management services, and integrate and build the "Anhui Construction Engineering Heshun Real Estate Group", with annual sales ranking among the top among Anhui provincial enterprises. Adhere to the concept of low-carbon environmental protection, develop clean energy, water resource management, and comprehensive environmental remediation businesses, promote green actions throughout the entire industry chain, create high-performance green products, and jointly build a beautiful China. Vigorously promote information technology construction, establish a collaborative office system with independent intellectual property rights, pay attention to the development and application of BIM technology, promote business innovation, scientific research innovation, and management innovation in the system, highlight competitive advantages, and have more abundant development potential. Over the years, the Group has undertaken a large number of national, provincial and municipal key projects, relying on the "the Belt and Road" to develop the international construction market. The projects undertaken and invested in have spread over 40 countries and regions on five continents, creating architectural monuments. Has won 20 Luban Awards, 8 Zhan Tianyou Awards, 16 National Quality Engineering Awards, 9 National Municipal Golden Cup Awards, 6 Dayu Awards, 14 Li Chun Awards, and over 200 provincial (ministerial) level quality engineering awards. We have won over 60 national and provincial level scientific and technological progress awards, participated in the compilation of over 100 national, industry, and local standards, and 17 national level construction methods. We have over 170 invention patents with independent intellectual property rights and over 1000 utility model patents. We have won multiple honorary titles such as "National Contract abiding Enterprise", "National Advanced Enterprise in Engineering General Contracting", "National May Day Labor Medal", "National AAA Credit Enterprise in the Construction Industry", "National Advanced Enterprise in the Construction Industry", and "National Excellent Construction Enterprise". The mountains are high and the waters are wide, and the emblem craftsman has lofty aspirations. Looking forward to the future, Anhui Construction Engineering will adhere to the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing, adhere to the corporate mission of "creating space art and achieving humanistic life", practice the core values of "honesty first, dedication first", and strive to become a leader in Chinese construction enterprises and a nationally renowned and industry-leading innovative, intelligent, and low-carbon urban and rural construction investment service provider.
Headquarter Bengbu
Establish Date 6/15/1998
Listed Code 600502.SH
Listed Date 4/15/2003
Chairman Yang Shanbin.
CEO Li Yougui.

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