Revenue : 000,000 M USD
Finance : 000,000 M USD
Earning Cap : 000,000 M USD
Invest : 000,000 M USD
R & D : 0000 People
Growth : 00% AGR



General Introduction Jingchen Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a global and leading domestic manufacturer of fabless semiconductor system design. It provides multimedia SoC chips and system level solutions for multiple product fields such as smart set-top boxes, smart televisions, audio and video system terminals, wireless connections, and in car infotainment systems. Its business covers major economic regions around the world and has accumulated a globally renowned customer base. The progressiveness product technology and market coverage rate rank at the forefront of the industry. It is the leader of smart set-top box chips, the leader of smart TV chips, and the pioneer of audio and video system terminal chips. Jingchen Semiconductor has rich experience in SoC full process design, adhering to the development of core software and hardware technologies such as ultra-high definition multimedia encoding, decoding and display processing, content security protection, and system IP. It integrates industry-leading CPU/GPU technology and advanced process technology to achieve unprecedented cost, performance, and power optimization. It provides complete system solutions based on multiple open platforms, helping top global operators, OEMs ODM and other customers quickly deploy to the market. Jingchen Semiconductor originated from Silicon Valley in the United States and currently has entities or representative offices in Santa Clara, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Hefei, Nanjing, Qingdao, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, Mumbai, London, Munich, Indianapolis, Milan, and other places.
Headquarter Shanghai
Establish Date 7/11/2003
Listed Code 688099.SH
Listed Date 8/8/2019
Chairman John Zhong
CEO John Zhong

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