Revenue : 000,000 M USD
Finance : 000,000 M USD
Earning Cap : 000,000 M USD
Invest : 000,000 M USD
R & D : 0000 People
Growth : 00% AGR



General Introduction Zhuhai AllWinner Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 and is an outstanding manufacturer of intelligent application processor SoC, high-performance simulator devices, and wireless interconnect chip designs. Headquartered in Zhuhai, China, it has research and development centers or branches in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Xi'an, Beijing, Shanghai, and other places. It was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange ChiNext in 2015, with stock code 300458. Quanzhi Technology focuses on customers, gathers excellent teams, and adheres to long-term investment in core technologies. It provides system solutions and thoughtful services with outstanding market competitiveness in areas such as ultra-high definition video encoding and decoding, high-performance CPU/GPU/AI multi-core integration, advanced technology high integration, ultra-low power consumption, and full stack integration platform. Its business system covers intelligent hardware, smart home, consumer electronics, high-definition media, intelligent video, automotive electronics, etc Industrial control, interconnectivity, simulation products, and other fields.
Headquarter Zhuhai
Establish Date 9/19/2007
Listed Code 300458.SZ
Listed Date 5/15/2015
Chairman Zhang Jianhui.
CEO Ye Mao.

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